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    Comodo, founded in 1998, is currently the world's largest issuer of SSL certificates. Comodo is renowned for their wide range of popular and affordable website security solutions. They are also the originator of the Extended Validation certificate. We are proud to offer Comodo's range of trusted SSL certificates at the lowest prices.

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    All major Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc crawls the internet in search of secured website. Increase your chances of being found online and grow your business.

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    Want to build and protect your brand? We are here for you.

    Trust is a good foundation

    A secure domain and website tells your customers that you are serious about their personal information. Not only does it create buyer confidence and trust but it also protects the future of your business.

    Trust is not only a good foundation in any relationship but it also brings the desired reciprocated results.

    Super Website Security

    Need security for your Website or Online Store?
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    Data Security is no longer optional due to the rise in Cyber Crime. Securing your domain and emails today gives you one less thing to worry about.

About COMODO Positive SSL

PositiveSSL is Comodo’s entry-level brand, being amongst the most affordable SSLs currently available on the market. Each PositiveSSL certificate includes a static site seal, baring the PositiveSSL brand. Their low price, coupled with their strong 128/256-bit encryption, make them an ideal solution for small businesses and personal websites.

Comodo SSL certificates include a dynamic site seal, baring the Comodo brand name. As the most popular SSL provider in the world, displaying Comodo’s recognizable brand name on your website is worth its weight in gold. Comodo SSL certificates do not require the validation of a business entity. These certificates can therefore be used by anyone to secure their web server and are issued almost instantly.

Comodo are credited with having originally created the Extended Validation (EV) certificate. The EV SSL provides the highest level of business authentication available, in accordance with the guidelines presented by the Certificate Authority / Browser Forum. When your customers data is susceptible to hackers and other malicious attacks, the green address bar offered by the EV SSL assures your users that they are dealing with a verified business on a secured server.

Comodo also offers a Unified Communications SSL certificate, for the purpose of securing a Microsoft Office Communications Server or a Microsoft Exchange server, and a Code Signing SSL for software developers who want to digitally sign their software so their users know their software can be trusted. The UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) includes 3 SAN (Subject Alternate Names) as standard, and up to 100 can be purchased with the certificate.

128/256-bit Encryption

Powerful Domain Security

COMODO Positive
SSL Certificate
    • Deters Hackers
    • Protects Sensitive Information
    • No Monthly Fees
    • Installed On One Domain Only
    • A Must For Search Engine Ranking
    • Accept Credit Card transaction
    • No Hidden Charges
    • Issued in Minutes


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